Truba Group Of Institutes

The Truba Group of Institutes, an engineering college in India, was in dire need of a website facelift. Their old website was unorganized and outdated, so they decided to seek help to give them the fresh start they needed.


Web Design


Truba mockup

The college needed a complete overhaul of their site structure and design. They wanted a very easy to understand and simple structure for their site with over 150 pages. The design needed to be modern and responsive, while still providing all the relevant information for students, staff and visitors.







The goal of the project was to simplify the structure of the site and individual pages, as well as to make the design modern and easy to use for everyone. The information structure should be very simple and easy to navigate for all users.


The old website had more than 150 pages which were organized in a way that made it difficult for users to find what they were looking for. In addition, the website wasn't designed to be mobile-responsive, making it hard to view on smaller screens. A complete redesign was necessary to solve these problems.


In order to come up with the best possible structure for the website, we held several strategy and brainstorming sessions. Once we had a concrete structure, we moved on to wireframing and prototyping on Figma. After getting everything approved by the client, we developed the pages on WordPress using the Elementor Pagebuilder.



Truba wireframe
Truba wireframe

Typography & Colors


Truba mockup
Truba typography & colors

Home Page


Truba home page
Truba mockup
Truba mockup
Truba mockup

Other Pages


Truba campus life page
Truba college page
Truba faculty page
Truba mockup
Truba mockup
Truba mockup

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